Soup du Jour or French Onion            


Served with chips & your choice of a cup of

soup or side salad.


Shrimp, scallop, romaine, cabbage, diced

tomato & tarragon aioli.


Tomato, asparagus, portobello

mushroom, brie & tarragon mayo


Tomato, asparagus, portobello,

brie & pesto aioli.



Served with chips & your choice of a cup of

soup or side salad


Candied Eden Farms apple wood smoked

bacon, lettuce, tomato, orange mustard

& honey herb goat cheese

on toasted country bread.

Steak & Swiss

Black pepper seared steak with confit onion, 

djijonnaise, swiss cheese, cherry tomato

& argula. Served open-face on faccicia.

Ham & Brie

Sliced Pit ham, melted Brie, Golden

Vadouvan apple spread & lettuce served on foccicia.

Salmon Burger

4 oz salmon burger, brioche bun, tomato,

red onion, arugula & basil-pesto aioli.


Lunch Pasta


Fresh pasta tossed with saffron tomato

sauce, shrimp, scallops, mussels, tobiko &

preserved Meyer lemon & chives.


Fresh pasta tossed with Eden Farms

smoked bacon, fresh peas & cherry tomato with




Choice of dressing: Sherry Vinaigrette,

Creamy Blue Cheese, Citrus Vinaigrette or

Black Garlic Vinaigrette

Additions:    Steak or Chicken 

Montage Salad 

Thinly sliced fresh seasonal vegetables tossed

with wild baby arugula, spring greens &

truffle vinaigrette; everything crumble.

Nicoise Salad 

Yellowfin tuna loin, fingerling potato, hard

boiled egg, haricot vert, cherry tomato &

greens tossed with black garlic vinaigrette.

Beet Salad    

Crispy, warm, goat cheese balls, pear-butter,

roasted yellow & red beets, candied walnuts,

balsamic reduction & arugula tossed

with sherry vinaigrette. 

Spinach Salad 

Spinach, orange supremes, cherry tomato,

portobello mushroom, red onion & goat cheese.

Served with choice of dressing.


Crispy hearts of romaine, focaccia

croutons, cherry tomatoes & grated


Arugula Salad 

Baby arugula, dried blueberries, cherry tomato,

orange supremes & goat cheese. Served

with choice of dressing.

Garden Salad    

Spring greens tossed with carrot, daikon radish,

cucumber, cabbage & cherry tomato.



Served witht raditional accompaniments

3 Selection                                                  

Cacio di Bosco truffle  Sheeep’s milk, Italy

Chelsea  Goat, Michigan

Mt. Tam  Cow, California

Pleasant Ridge  Cow, Wisconsin

L'amuse Gouda  Cow, Holland

Grayson  Cow, Virginia

Little Boy Blue  Sheep, Wisconsin




Two large pan-seared scallops truffle &

mushroom risotto.

Oyster on the Half Shell

Shallot & cubed pepper mignonette.


Hand-cut fries, cheese curd, shredded

beef short rib & sauce espagnole.

Torchon of Foie Gras

Meyer lemon gel, Vadouvan apple puree,

arugula & brioche toast points.


Country pork terrine & duck liver pate.

Served with dijon, gherkin & toast points.


8 escargot with country ham, potato &

mushroom, tossed with a garlic-shallot

Pernod sauce.

Pomme Frites

Hand-cut fries, house-made ketchup &

truffle aioli.

Crab Cake

Lump crab meat seasoned with Swarnadwipa

& roasted bell pepper. Citrus-arugula salad,

cucumber, orange supremes, cherry tomato

& radish.

Seasonal Risotto  

Parmigiano-Reggiano, peas & fava  

Pomme Frites   

Hand-cut fries with roasted red bell

pepper-balsamic ketchup, garlic aioli

& sea salt.



Bistro Burger 

8-ounce Grass Run Farms beef burger on a

brioche bun, with truffle aioli, lettuce, tomato &

hand-cut fries with housemade ketchup.

Swiss, cheddar, havarti or bacon

Maine Lobster

1/2 of a 1/5 pound lobster (claw, knuckle, & tail meat)

lightly poached in truffle-lobster broth with house-made

black linguini, confit tomato, fava bean & peas.

Steak Frites*  

7-ounce pan-seared certified angus beef strip,

sauteed spinach, hand-cut fries, ketchup,

shallot-herb butter & sauce Bordalaise.

Beef Tenderloin*   

7-ounce organic tenderloin with whipped 

potato, asparagus & wild mushrooms with

black truffle hollandaise & sauce Bordalaise.

Chicken Paillard 

Steamed leek, fresh artichoke, roasted pepper,

caper; golden rasins ragu, whipped potato

& pan jus.


Lavender-Szechuan pepper glazed duck breast

with fennel tears and a La Ratte fennel potato puree

Served with confit peach, compressed peaches,

baby turnip, and white asparagus

with a citrus gastrique

 Skate Wing  

Served with crispy fingerling potato, green

beans, asparagus, carrots & basil-caper

beurre noisette.

Boudin Blanc

White sausage, fresh vegetables, spiced

prune whipped potato & sauce Bordalaise.

Seasonal Pasta

Fresh house-made pasta with seasonal

local vegetables. 


Seasonal vegetables or sauteed spinach.

Fries & house-made ketchup.

Whipped potatos.


 Coconut Meringue

With Mango, Papaya and Passion Fruit.    

Dentelle Croustillante
 pistachio puree folded into sweetened whipped cream
 between two thin chocolate cookies with 
  ganache, chopped pistachio & wild cherry   
      Gateau Marjolaine
  crispy hazelnut & almond dacquiose 
   between layers of vanilla & dark chocolate
    french buttercream    
profiteroles filled with homemade vanilla, dark chocolate
 & pistachio ice cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce 
Ice Cream or Sorbet
  Vanilla bean Creme Brulee   
Flourless Chocolate Torte  
Dessert Sampler  
      small crème brulee, small slice of flourless chocolate 
               torte & pistachio ice cream profiterole 

Seasonal Nightly Dinner Specials
      20% service charge on checks for parties of 7 or more. 
    Entree split charge $5.00. Appetizer  or salad split charge $3.00
  $15 corkage fee per 750 ml. Thursday night, no corkage fee night. 
      Corkage fee waived, when you purchase an additional bottle from our selection.
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